S.D.A project is a mobile game (RPG+Governance) based on the blockchain technology and targeting to expand to metaverse game.

Fun Experience

S.D.A team is working on NFT that everyone can experience easily with entertainment.
S.D.A Project will build a game ecosystem that has various entertainments with D.D.D club's members based on the high quality of PFP and this will greatly improve the community

About Team

  • S.D.A team is going to create an environment where D.D.D club members can easily enjoy the usage of NFT and moreover, all around the world will desire to join in the club.
  • We will proceed with various types of partnerships with D.D.D's high-quality NFT
  • Not only the mobile game, SNS emoji, and metaverse, we will do a partnership with puppy brand to present the S.D.A (Despite Online/Offline).
  • The game system will be rapidly developed with S.D.A's designers, artists, developers, and marketers to open the D.D.D's unique world of the metaverse.