Metaverse Rule

DDD Planet's law is very strict.
Those who do not keep the law can be banished from the planet. If you do not want to be a piece of ice in the middle of the universe, please keep the law (Below). If you do not keep the law that is written below, you will be banished from the DDD planet after the trial.
1. Act as a GM or operate your own business in the DDD planet (Scam).
2. Exposing the information of yourself, GM ,or another tenant.
3. Teasing or stalking other tenants/GM.
4. Using the right, copyright, and certificate of metaverse service inappropriately, without notice, and illegally. Using the right, copyright, certificate, business model, moral right, and the right of publicity of others illegally.
5. Inappropriate content that is complained about from the tenants such as illegal, harmfulness, threat, insult, offensive, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, sexual, racism, etc.
6. Virus, damaged data, trojan, bot keystroke, worm, bomb, cancelbot and etc that can damage one's personal information and identity theft.
7. Removing, deactivating, detouring, damaging, unlocking, avoiding GM or 3rd service' s technical measure (program).
8. Spam such as repetitive posting to tease the chat in the community.
9. Scam or use the social engineering to swindle other tenant's property (Depends on the GM's decision).
10. Using the 3rd party program (illegal) to activate the hack, cheat, bug, macro.
11. Attempting to access a service that is not open to public.
12. playing with other's accounts or being involved in the incident.
13. Encouraging others too against the law.
14. Using the service for business purposes and continue to use the service even though it is not allowed (Without the permission from the GM).