D.D.D Planet

Ding Dang Dong (DDD Planet) is a metaverse of the communication genre.

[RPG+Governance] form of Metaverse

[Purport and Purpose]

S.D.A Project's puppies will gather into a metaverse platform which is DDD Planet. DDD Planet is the place where S.D.A NFT holders can gather to communicate and develop the society as a final goal. Experience the friendship, love, cooperation, and various small rewards!


  1. A group of puppies is in the time machine to find their master but they noticed the breakdown in the machine and start to find the Tech and Bone (For Time Travel) to repair.

  2. They finally collected all techs and bones to repair the time machine. And also paid the entrance fee at the time management office so they can start the journey to find their master.

  3. Now they arrived at the world of the metaverse, DDD Planet.

  4. Our puppy friends meet others from the different dimensions and they cooperate to find their master.

[Structure and land of metaverse]

Metaverse, DDD Planet, is a location where all the puppies can encounter, communicate and build their own spaces.

Every tenant in DDD Planet will get to have a dog house and land.

Bone will be used for purchasing the additional land, construction, and decoration.

Every land and building is available to sell. The owner can set the price and the house that is well decorated will be sold out even higher.

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