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[Entering into the metaverse]

S.D.A NFT holder will have the authority to enter the DDD Planet.

Collect TECH & BONE by the mining app and use the time machine to enter the metaverse planet.

[Usage of main currency]

As the mobile game, DDD planet's main currencies are Tech from the puppy and Bone (money).

You can distribute your Tech into art, music, athletic, costume and etc to choose the occupation. Build your awareness to create a profit. Bone is money where it can be used on the DDD planet for economic activity. You can purchase the house and trade the certain object by using the Bone.

[Activity in metaverse planet]

Puppies can invest in their own Tech to raise their ability. With their ability, they can be an expert in business, production, art, etc.

  • Artist Dog: Artist dog can sell their own painting. They can also gather together to open the puzzle tournament.

  • Athletic Dog: Athletic dogs can achieve a good record in the PvP running tournament. You can expect the profit.

  • Music Dog: A music dog can produce the music to sell. You can purchase your music to use it as a music profile.

  • Fashion Dog: Fashion dogs can create the outfit to sell. It will be awesome if your friends wear your outfit.

And later in the future, more occupations might be added. Artists, Musician, Fashionist has a copyright for their creation so if others use their creation without the agreement can be punished by the law.

[Dangstagram Activity]

This is a metaverse SNS in DDD planet and you can promote your ability and share your status. Meet friends who have a similar interest to you and follow each other through the Dangstagram.

[Guild System]

The maximum # of members for the guild is 80. 125 guilds will be established and the first 100 members who enter the DDD planet will get to have the authority to create their own guild.

The guild leader will have a guild planet and the members will get to use the planet freely.

Techs that are achieved by the guild members will be applied as guild performance. This performance will have to compete with other guilds and the best guild will be selected for every month. Profit will be shared with guild members if their guild wins in the competition.

The guild leader can collect a certain amount of tax from the members for the guild's benefit.

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