D.D.D Collection

Let us introduce a puppy that will be adopted for the first time.

Puppies are very adorable than others that they are enough to snatch the holder's attention.

  • There are female/male holders who have both of them can use the breeding system to receive the new puppy.

  • There is a rarity for each character and depending on the rarity, stats in the game will vary. (Rarity chart will be announced after the minting).

  • Not only that, there is a various item for NFT character. Item can be received as NFT by the bundle system when it is minted. Depends on the rarity of the NFT item, unique stats will be given in the game.


Puppies that are given for the first time will continue to grow.

  • PFP NFT's image (One that is received from the minting) will be transformed into the adult dog as time goes by but that condition is only applied to puppies that satisfy the requirement of the breeding system. And this system is a unique system from the S.D.A project.

  • Through the system, experience the new PFP NFT Project that you never experienced.

  • Puppies that are grown will have better stats in the game.

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