Mobile Game Ecosystem

In our mobile game, there is a concept of level (Tech) and a concept of game currency (Bone)


Tech is knowledge of a puppy. In order to build the spacecraft, a puppy needs knowledge.
  • Puppies will actively explore in a game and collect the knowledge to build the spacecraft.
  • When the Tech is reaches 100, you can build the spacecraft.
  • Your role will be different in the order of arrival so the Bone mining and Tech collection will be very important.


Bone is a coin that you can mine in the world of mobile game.
  • This coin will be used in the entrance fee to the metaverse and the cost of spaceship construction.
For the entrance fee, it will be determined based on the amount of users mining during the beta service. And we will announce it in the community.
  • Not only that, Bone will enhance the interaction in the metaverse and provide more content to holders.
  • The usage of Bone will be increased continuously. We will open the E-Commerce through our own website and holders will be able to trade the NFT with the Bone.
  • Moreover, brands that we engaged in the partnership will have a benefit from purchasing.
  • In addition, when the system development is completed, we will consider the coin IPO.